Glass pipe screens are growing in popularity because they’re not only reusable, saving you money, but a more health-friendly alternative to metal or brass screens. They also absorb heat as you use your smoking device, keeping heat out of the chamber while heating your legal herb from the bottom, creating a more flavorful experience. Pipe screens typically come in two main shapes:Flower and Jacks (tri pod shape).Sloppy Hippo flower glass screens get their name from the shape of the top. 

How do flower glass screens work?

The flower pipe screens have five rounded points and underneath, there is a longer point protruding straight down from the center. We take the glass screen, holding it from the top and insert the prolonged tip, or stem, at the bottom into the center of the bowl (where you would normally put a mesh screen). We need to be gentle with the smoking device and not just shove the stem right down as they don’t always fit perfectly depending on what we are using. These are 100% glass and, while durable, we don’t want to break anything or get hurt either. After setting the screen up, it should create a nice semi-flat surface to pack our legal herb neatly on top. Then we are good to go!



  • Pack of 5 Flower hand blown glass Smoking Pipe Screens
  • Assorted Colors
  • Is really simple to clean
  • Fits virtually all small/medium pipes and pieces
  • Helps prevent tobacco from getting into the pipe stem or mouth
  • Made of high quality hand blown glass
  • Weight: 0.008 oz per piece
  • Size: 1.18 X 3.15"X0.39"