The world of concentrate consumption is always growing. With the introduction of concentrates to the smoking industry, an opportunity got presented for the glass industry to build something new. This led to the Dab Rig’s creation, and to the most important tool -- the banger. Bangers, or as some call them nails, are an essential component of any dabber’s inventory. They are most commonly made of quartz but can also be made with ceramic or titanium. 

Bangers come in varying degrees. The angle of a nail’s neck dictates how many degrees it is. A 90-degree banger has a sharp, 90-degree neck. They are the most standard in this industry. They come in varying sizes. 45 degrees’ bangers are not as standard. They are used to convert water pipes with joints to oil rigs, if their joint isn’t 90 degrees. If your rig's joint is 45 degrees or at a sideway slant, you’d need a 45-degree banger. If the rig’s joint is vertical, you'd would need a 90-degree banger. The angle of your joint and banger need to add up to 90 degrees. This prevents your nail from falling down.