Designer Mask Sets

Sloppy Hippo Designer mask sets are the new face of fashion. We have come up with incredibly comfortable designs that also look extra cool. The shapes are also a detour from standard styles. Our range of snazzy face masks are made from good, breathable fabrics and have matching neck scarfs too. All masks come in designer boxes which is a great idea, because this way you can keep them safe from contamination with other objects in your pocket or handbag, such as your keys, gloves, phone, etc. as well as make for great storage after use.

The form and fit of the Sloppy Hippo face masks is perfect and extremely comfortable particularly if you're wearing them for long periods of time. These are 3 layered, reusable masks intended to reduce the risk of spread of infection. The ear bands and the head bands are made of soft elastic and do not pinch at all. They have a rounded shape so they do leave a tiny space to breathe comfortably.